In the near future, we will be developing Inspired Kids as part of the Inspired Strokes Painting Parties.

We’ve had kids show up to painting parties before that have had an absolute blast not only painting but finding out that art can be something to keep an interest in their whole lives.

Having been an artist his entire life, Bob Ahrens wants to be able to inspire these kids to develop their artistic and creative talents. By giving them tips and inside information on what it meant to be a professional artist/graphic designer, Ahrens hopes to build their interest in the arts.

There are a couple of goals we hope to reach with Inspired Kids. The first goal is to host kids’ parties at a kid friendly venue. We are in discussion with a few venues in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area. Prices will be affordable for these classes and we’ll be painting on smaller canvases. Prices to be announced soon!

The next goal is to create a program for kids in need or at risk. We currently have been discussing options that could create painting parties for these children at no cost.

If you’d be interested in helping out with this, send us an email;

We are looking for sponsors that will be able to help offset the supply costs and maybe even help with special promotional items for each Inspired Kid to take with them, besides their very own Masterpiece!